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Saint Michael School
Schedule of Tuition & Fees 2015-2016

Pre School – 8th Grade Registration Fee per family: $75.00
3-4 Year Old Pre School Book Fee per student: $15.00
4-5 Year Old Pre School Book Fee per student: $50.00
Grades K through 8 Fees per student:
(Insurance, Books, Technology) $350.00

  Annual Semester Monthly Non-Parishioner
Grades K-8 for One student:
Subsidy $1,281.00
$4,419.00 $2,209.00 $441.90 $5,700.00
Grades K-8 for Two students:
Subsidy $4,794.00
$6,606.00 $3,303.50 $660.60 $11,400.00
Grades K-8 for Three students:
Subsidy $8,799.00
$8,201.00 $4,100.50 $820.10 $17,000.00
3-4 Year Old Preschool per student:
Subsidy $100.00
TH & F Half Day 8:30am-11:00am or 12:30pm-3:00pm
$1,510.00 $755.00 $151.00 $1,610.00
4-5 Year Old Pre School per student:
Subsidy $130.00
M,T,W Half Day 8:30am-11:00am or 12:30pm-3:00pm
$1,915.00 $957.50 $191.50 $2,045.00

Description of Terms

Annual –One payment by cash, check, or credit card for the entire school years tuition on or before August 8th. A discount of $100 will be given for all families who use this option before August 8th. Excluding Pre-School.

Semester –Two payments by cash, check, or credit card for one-half the school years tuition. The first payment is due on or before August 8th, the second due on or before January 8th.

Monthly –Ten monthly payments by Electronic Fund Transfer. The payments will be taken on the eighth day of every month from August through May. The monthly tuition amount will be automatically transferred from any savings, checking, or credit card account. Please Note: While arrangements may be made to lower the tuition rate with grants and other forms of aide, no special payment schedules will be offered.

Active parishioners are those who attend Sunday Mass weekly and support their parish with their time, talents and treasure. Attendance is tracked through the Sunday envelope. Any parishioner who becomes inactive during the school year will be responsible for the undiscounted rate.

Active parishioners of neighboring parishes that do not have a parish school must secure a guarantee that the subsidized amount listed above is paid by their parish. By Diocesan policy such parishes are expected to subsidize their active parishioners. A form, provided by St. Michael’s, securing the subsidy from the neighboring parish, must be signed by the Pastor of that parish and returned at time of registration. Subsidizing parishes will be billed. If the status of a parishioner of a neighboring parish changes during the school year, the family is responsible for the undiscounted rate.